The City of Penticton Request For Service web form integrates with our Calls for Service system. Service Requests are assigned to the staff responsible during our normal hours, Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm.

The better you can describe the nature of the problem and its location, the more efficient we can be. In some cases it may be necessary for us to contact you for clarificatrion of the problem or location.

All requests for service are tracked by the Reference Number you are given when you submit the Request For Service form. An e-mail message will be sent to you with this information and again when we have closed the request.

The goal of this system is to make it easier for people to request service from their computers or mobile devices. It also helps us respond quicker, track problems and improve efficiency.

To learn more about the City of Penticton, please visit Penticton.ca